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Grand opening videos - Visible Brand
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Grand opening videos

Grand openings

For a long-awaited and exciting moment for your organisation, there is no better way to capture the emotion and make the event truly memorable by filming the special occasion. For many grand openings, businesses have come a long way and have had to work hard to open a new office, building or department. At Visible Brand, we can be there to capture the excitement in a creative way.

Benefits of grand opening videos

  • Sets a momentous occasion on film
  • Can be used as part of a promotional brand video
  • Ideal for staff inductions and training
  • Helps to commemorate and celebrate your business
  • Allows you to showcase the event to people who cannot attend.

At Visible Brand, we aim to capture the emotions of the day and display them in compelling and captivating videos that can be used again and again. Our cinematographers will capture all of the proudest moments and can even document your journey running up to the opening. We can creatively showcase the steps the business has taken that has led to the grand opening event.

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