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Health and safety videos - Visible Brand
Health and safety videos
Health and safety videos
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Health and safety videos

Health and safety


Without the appropriate training in place, your business can be liable and prosecuted for health and safety failings in the workplace. One of the most essential aspects is to make sure that every employee has the adequate training and knowledge to undertake their job sufficiently.

Unfortunately, many general health and safety videos do not cover issues that are specific to your workplace. At Visible Brand, we can create unique videos that focus on your workplace and ensure all employees are sufficiently trained with relevant examples and real-life situations that they may have come across.


Benefits of health and safety videos

  • An engaging form of communication which can significantly assist learners
  • Videos can be dubbed with a range of languages to suit all workers in your organisation
  • Videos can be used throughout training sessions providing it remains relevant
  • Videos are a captivating and dynamic approach which maintain interest.
  • Videos can be short, to make information easy to understand, in small chunks
  • Videos can be accessible, with employees being able to view them whenever they need to.

As well as health and safety videos, Visible Brand can also create original training videos that meet the needs of your business. These videos are ideal for covering the points that are most important to your business and can be on brand.


We can create video with any language voiceover you need. Please have a look on Romanian voice over video:


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