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Product Videos

For businesses with an e-commerce or online presence, product videos are an essential selling tool. Customers enjoy the experience of seeing products close-up and often photographs cannot portray the product effectively enough. When it comes to product videos, customers are up to 144% more likely to add a product to their shopping cart if they have been able to watch a product video beforehand.

Benefits of product videos

  • Improved SEO as search engines love video content that is useful for search requests
  • Increased sharing and click-through, helping your products to reach a wider audience
  • Higher conversions and sales of your products
  • Enhanced customer perception as you are a brand that goes above and beyond to assist customers
  • Better trust and engagement with your brand, which can increase returning and loyal customers.
  • Demonstrate all of the features of the product without lengthy descriptions. Anything hard to explain can be quickly demonstrated through a video
  • Reduced customer returns.

Whatever products your business sells, Visible Brand can help to create brand relevant videos that engage your audience.

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