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Real Estate video

One of the most significant video types in current times is real estate videos. For renters and homebuyers, it can be very stressful to trawl through their potential new home. By creating detailed real estate videos, people can feel like they’ve had the experience of visiting the home but without the hassle of arranging an appointment. For estate agents, videos can save significant time with viewings as people can virtually view from the comfort of their home.

Benefits of real estate videos

  • More engaging and true to life that photographs
  • Better perception of the space and size to avoid disappointment
  • Videos are more appealing and can invoke emotion
  • Save you and the buyer time and money through virtual viewings
  • Improved SEO rankings, get your business ranked higher in search engines
  • Enhanced customer experience.

As we know, the homebuyer and rental experience predominantly begin with online research. By producing your own videos of the homes on your books, you firstly impress your clients who will appreciate your proactive response and will favour you as an estate agent that goes above and beyond.

Your videos will also draw a wider audience and potentially increase your customer base, all while saving money and personnel cost by reducing the number of physical home viewings. At Visible Brand, we can help to create high-quality walk-through video tours that impress and transform viewers into buyers.

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