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From Actemium To BMW - unit transportation. - Visible Brand
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From Actemium To BMW – unit transportation.

Actemium Modular Portable Data Centre – From Actemium To BMW – unit transportation!

At Visible Brand, we love to see first-hand what a day in the life of our clients involves. It is a fantastic feeling to summarise the hours, days or even weeks of a meticulous and detailed project into a short video that everyone can see and understand. With a short explainer video, our team can give individuals an insider insight so that they can better understand your product or service.
Recently, our cinematographers were invited to Actemium. Actemium is a global organisation working across 40 countries with over 350 business units all working to improve industrial performance through design and developing local and global solutions.
At one of their UK locations, Actemium invited the Visible Brand team to film the complete process of everything that is involved in moving a huge modular containerised server room from their workshop to a client’s site.

The Data Centre

Actemium both design and build client solutions to their critical requirement. For this particular project, the client was the global automotive firm, BMW, who required a modular portable data centre. Working together, Actemium meticulously designed the vast data centre in their workshop. When the data centre was ready to go, the cinematographers at Visible Brand were ready to watch the colossal delivery be transported from the workshop to the client’s site.

The Delivery

The day began with the team jacking up the data centre onto plinths so that it could be towed from the base. The doors to the workshop had to be opened to maximum height, and the angle of the data centre had to be lined up perfectly in order to fit through the workshop entrance. It was a tight squeeze.
Once the data containerised server room was outside, a crane was required to hoist the considerable weight from the base and to load it onto the lorry. Of course, it was no ordinary lorry and was a specially prepared lorry designed for exceptional convoys. Once safely loaded onto the transporter vehicle, it was time to make its way to the client.
After leaving the Actemium site, the lorry made its way to BMW. As well the truck, plenty of vans were on hand to support the lorry on its journey, making sure it got there safely. Once the containerised unit arrived at the site, there was already a prepared concrete base for the unit to sit on.
It was at this point when plenty of people were on hand to ensure the perfect positioning on the platform. Fortunately, it was a sunny day which makes the task (and filming for Actemium’s video) much easier! The transported lorry had its own crane lift, and employees had MEWPs available too, to allow them to get up to the height of the enormous shipment.
Using the drone during filming was a must to help viewers get a sense of scale for the vast containerised server room. It was amazing to see how carefully planned and organised the delivery was, true professionals who left nothing to chance! Now the container sits proudly in its designated space at the client’s site, and Actemium can begin their next project!

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