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Green Screen Capabilities - Visible Brand
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Green Screen Capabilities

Product video, Gloucester – Introducing Actemium’s Modular Portable Data Centre.

Green Screen Capabilities With VINCI Energies Safety Week Video
Videos can be one of the most engaging communication forms, especially in the workplace. One of the reasons for its success it the fact it can be incredibly versatile covering a range of audio-visual elements, especially when using a cinematographer with green screen capabilities. At Visible Brand, we helped VINCI Energies UK and RoI to create their ideal video for their safety week.
VINCI Energies UK and RoI were looking for a video to highlight safety excellence and wellbeing at work. At Visible Brand, we used our green screen to be able to provide visual within visual elements using a video presenter and background film to keep the audience engaged and focused. The green screen was used the help give more insight into what the presenter was saying and demonstrate the facts in an easy to understand way – the power of visuals!
What are green screen capabilities?
1. Set your video in any location
Many companies do not have the budget for shooting company videos in a different location while many feel their corporate environment may not be right for their video. Having a green screen means that the video can be set wherever the client wants. You can even use a variety of different locations all while staying in one place thanks to the power of a green screen.
2. Consistency
Using a green screen maintains consistency, keeping the lighting and visuals the same to make the video more enjoyable to watch. Having a green screen can also help to make a series of videos look consistent as the video editor can ensure the exact same setting using a green screen.
3. Save time
Shooting videos using a green screen can save everyone time. At Visible Brand, we can set up a green screen very quickly and easily. This means it is easy to film at a location suitable for you. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about having the right props or visual elements. Our team can add all of the necessary graphics afterwards.
Safety Week video using a green screen
Visible Brand was delighted to be chosen as the cinematographers for the project by VINCI Energies UK, especially as the content was incredibly interesting and beneficial for all of those who can benefit from health and wellness advice at work.
One of the primary focal points for the video was considering safety and wellness from the acronym of SONAR. The video explained that SONAR is a model of wellbeing, health and energy that all workers can follow in their lives to improve their overall quality of life.
The key components include;
S – Sleep
O – Oxygen
N – Nutrition
A – Activity
R – Rituals.
To help support the content made by the video presenter. Visible Brand used the green screen to provide clarity to each message with graphics. This was a great project to be a part of, and we’re really happy with the positive feedback from the client.

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