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Interviews filming

Interviews are an excellent way of promoting your business and helping audiences to get to know the people behind the organisation. Interviews can vary, from using external subject matter experts who can help employees in their work, to interviewing staff members who can share their expertise and knowledge in a friendly, efficient and digestible manner.

Every business wants information to be more accessible and conduct a knowledge sharing centre. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is through interviews that are recorded, and the videos can then be broadcast in meeting rooms, at conferences or published on the company intranet for a convenient way to engage in company learning.

Benefits of interview videos

  • Information can be shared quickly and easily
  • Interview footage can be used at a later date
  • Interview information can remain relevant for longer
  • Valued knowledge sharing and interesting training technique
  • An excellent way to get to know the faces of the business and the people behind the organisation.
  • Can be used in staff training or in promotional activities.

Interview videos can be an incredibly versatile piece of footage that can be tailored to be unique to your business. At Visible Brand, we have filmed many interviews that have been adapted for a variety of uses. Get in touch to find out more.

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