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Product video, Gloucester - Portable Data Centre - Visible Brand
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Product video, Gloucester – Portable Data Centre

Product video, Gloucester – Introducing Actemium’s Modular Portable Data Centre.

At Visible Brand, we get to help many brands tell their story and every day is different. Recently, we have been lucky enough to work with a fantastic engineering brand Actemium. Actemium operates over 350 units across the 40 countries and works to create local and global solutions that improve industrial performance.
One of the solutions that Actemium offer is a modular portable data centre. At Visible Brand, we were invited into one of their new portable centres to see how they work and how they can benefit all customers. This is thanks to the fact that Actemium offer bespoke design and development to suit customer requirements.

Visible Brand’s Actemium Modular Portable Data Centre Video

Set inside the Actemium workshop, our camera had uninterrupted access to capture every millimetre of one of their data centres. The video was designed to capture the compact and convenient nature of the data centres as well the features that Actemium can create.
Actemium does not only offer a fantastically designed, bespoke modular portable data centres, but they provide a complete service to support the lifecycle of each centre. As well as creating detailed designs of the data centre, Actemium also offers project management and functional testing. What’s more, Actemium will take charge of the installation and commissioning of the unit.
Once the unit is in place at the customer’s site, Actemium also provides maintenance, servicing and training for employees and workers.
In the video, it was important to show how bespoke the modular portable data centres are. It was essential to film each aspect that can be uniquely crafted to suit customer requirements. For example, the steel flat panel enclosure is fully welded and made to suit the exact dimensions that suit the needs of the client and their necessary rack space.
Other ways that Actemium offer customisation from their data centres is the fact it can include very early smoke detection as well as an automatic or manual changeover system for the mains supply. What’s more, the modular portable data centres can come in a range of finish paints. The company also offer high marine paints if required.
Other features include;
• Multi-level overhead tray system
• Separation of grey and white space
• The precision air conditioning system
• Backup generator.
In a short video, it was hard to capture all of the benefits and features of the Actemium Modular Portable Data Centre. However, it was great fun to capture every shot to show clients the benefits they can enjoy from a portable data centre, not just for mobile deployment, these data centres can be used as a fixed standalone application too.

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